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Funding Advisory

Get access to ICO presale investors as well as quality professional consulting on cryptoeconomics, token economics, asset tokenisation and fund raising strategy generally.

Trading Services

We provide cryptocurrency trading services, using experience traders and proven algorithms to minimize risk and maximize returns, across all major crypto currencies. 

Broking Services

We match large buyers and sellers of the bitcoin and ethereum and help ICOs to trade out of their Ethereum position, by sources liquidity from the City of London and worldwide.

OTC Marketplace

Find counterparties to trade large crypto and token positions, using our marketplace, broker network, and market maker services. KYC and AML Checks Required.

We are partnered with Baanx.com for all your custodianship needs and large miners for even more liquidity.

Use our services for access to the markets you need to move into or out of large crypto currency positions.


Business Development - Find Business Partners and Clients

Use our industry directory to gain exposure for your business and find new partners and clients.

Industry Directory - Blockchain and Fintech Ratings and Reviews.

Find out what our expert membership thinks about the projects, products and services in the Blockchain and Fintech space.

Who Are We ?

We are a network of data scientists, blockchain architects, financial tech developers, and top crypto traders. There's nothing we like more than applying our expertise to creating revolutionary business solutions.

How Do We Work ?

As a member of Finantex you'll have access to some of the best and most experienced crypto, blockchain and fintech professionals in the world. 
Our team becomes your fintech 
blockchain or trading partner.

Who Are Our partners ?

Where Can You Find Us ?


Parkshot House, 5 Kew Road, Richmond, Surrey TW9 2PR

Phone Number

+44 208 123 5894